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Advocating for Access to Safe

Surgery + Anesthesia Worldwide

The Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP)

is an integrated society of the International Society of Surgery.

ASAP provides a collaborative multispecialty voice for the essential role of surgery and safe anesthesia in global public health.  Join us today!


ASAP General Assembly

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

2:00 - 3:30 pm 

Room S4-C

Join ASAP and the International Society of Surgery (ISS/ISC) today

The Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP) is proud to be an integrated society of the International Society of Surgery (ISS). Thank you for your interest in membership - we'd by happy to have you join us in this important work. Membership information is available through the ISS website;  please view the link below.

Lancet Commission on Global Surgery

The  Lancet Commission on Global Surgery has transformed its 2015 seminal publication into an ongoing process to bring about progress towards universal access to safe, timely, affordable surgical and anesthesia care. Visit their website for the latest data, toolkits, and other resources.

The Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP) is a proud founding member of the Global Alliance for Surgery, Obstetrics, Trauma and Anesthesia (G4 Alliance). This collective 90+ member organizations is dedicated to advocating for the neglected surgical patient, and the integration of surgical care into the global health and development agendas.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization's Global Initiative for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care (GIEESC) 

convenes health professionals, public health experts, health authorities and local and international organizations to

share knowledge, advise policy and develop educational resources to reduce the burden of death and disability from conditions amenable to surgical treatment.

President's Message

Dear Friends,

It my pleasure and a great privilege to be penning this update as the new President of the Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP).  I am grateful for the leadership of my predecessor, Dr. Stephen Bickler, and for the fact that he will continue to advise me during these next two years.  I am equally grateful for the wisdom, dedication and camaraderie of the other officers of ASAP – President-elect, Dr. Russell Gruen of Singapore/Australia; Secretary, Dr. Elizabeth Drum of the US; and Treasurer, Dr. Miliard Derbew of Ethiopia. 

As ASAP enters a celebration of our 10th year, it is an appropriate time to reflect on all the progress that has been made in bringing greater awareness of, attention to, and measurable progress in global surgery and anesthesia, as well as the role that ASAP has played in these. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to continue to evolve our approach to ensure maximal relevance and impact in this more enlightened and (thankfully) more active landscape.  We will need the voices of all who are interested in ensuring access to safe, timely access to surgery and anesthesia around the globe – and welcome your ideas and your efforts and your partnership.

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The 2015 Bangkok Global Surgery Declaration

A Call to the Global Health Community to promote Implementation of the World Health Assembly Resolution for Surgery and Anaesthesia Care.

Get Engaged in ASAP

Reach out to us if you are interested in serving on the ASAP Board or a committee. Current needs: ASAP Communications and Membership Committees.
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Host an ASAP Meeting

Universities, colleges and professional societies have successfully hosted ASAP meetings since 2008. If your institution is interested in hosting a future Annual ASAP meeting, send an email request to

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